Other Services

Call Tracking
Direct Connect offers call tracking to help your business determine how callers found your business.  Business owners and marketing managers can use call tracking to measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimise their marketing strategies for he best possible result.

Call tracking works for any industry, including automotive, home builders, finance and legal professionals, marketing agencies, trades and service professionals, and any business that’s generating leads via paid or organic traffic.

Essentially any business that is running marketing campaigns will benefit from tracking calls and learning which advertising mediums are working.

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Mystery Shopping
As customer satisfaction continues to headline business priorities, companies are becoming more cautious about their quality of service. What they fail to realize is that customers are interacting with businesses across various channels – and not just in person.

In fact, companies that provide strong support across different channels, such as telephone calls, retain an average of 56% more customers compared to those who do not.

Before your customer decides to visit your business, they are likely to dial in your contact for various queries – e.g. are you currently open, do you have a certain product available, etc.

First impressions certainly last; especially in such a competitive landscape, a simple call can either land you a new customer or result in your competitor gaining an easy win.

This is why Direct Connect offers an exclusive ‘Mystery Shopping’ service. By going undercover and evaluating how your customer representative performs, we will be able to provide answers to important questions, such as:

  • How long did it take to respond to the consumer?
  • How did the response measure against the client’s expectation of their customer service?
  • What are the areas in need of improvement and what strategies can be adopted?

As one of the leading companies to evaluate business services, Direct Connect provides you a chance to identify mistakes and iron them out – before you actually start losing customers.

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Appointment Setting
Getting a customer to book an appointment is half the battle for most businesses. With so many options available to modern-day consumers, it takes exceptional customer service and skills to turn a lead into an appointment.

As one the leading organizations in the customer service arena, Direct Connect is home to an experienced team of call assistants who are expert at handling inbound and outbound call inquiries.

We have years of experience entertaining customer queries across different industries to boost your outreach efforts – as a result, your business is positioned as the most viable solution for your lead.

Our appointment services will allow you to reach out to your customers to land appointments, providing your sales team with a booked calendar and high-quality leads.

We can help you formulate a strategic telemarketing campaign that is customized according to your target audience and land you warm leads – thanks to the expertise of our outbound calling experts.

Additionally, our inbound experts can spearhead your next marketing campaign. When a potential customer dials in your number, they will be greeted by our call assistants and guided throughout the process.

With round the clock service, our experts will be busy booking appointments for you – even on the weekends!

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Customer Insights
Guaranteeing a pleasant customer experience is one of the top organizational priorities for businesses – and for a good reason.

By 2020, customer experience will become the key brand differentiator, overtaking both price and product.

Companies across the globe are invested in improving their customer experience, but how do you know where to improve? With only one out of every 26 customers likely to provide feedback, the other 25 customers will simply go to your competitor.

We work with hundreds of business around the world to ensure this does not happen – we believe that the best way to understand your consumers is by making them feel valued and asking for their feedback.

Not only does it yield actionable advice and suggestions, but a customer who feels valued is likely to express their feelings in front of peers and family, boosting your brand image and goodwill.

We conduct comprehensive feedback/evaluation services for your customers, ranging from live-calls to web-based surveys to gauge the level of customer satisfaction and highlight key areas of improvement.

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