Welcome to Direct Connect!

From typing to talking in seconds.

Moving online to offline – now you can turn an enquiry into a sales lead in just 60 seconds. Direct Connect can capture an online lead or enquiry and convert it to an inbound phone call.
Simply answer the phone, Press 1, and you are speaking to your potential customer. It’s that easy!

This faster, more efficient connection makes the most of your investment in lead generation.

Studies prove a person’s interest and intent is at its peak at the time of enquiry. If you don’t get in touch within minutes, you run the risk of losing an opportunity. Many businesses don’t have the resources to respond to leads within minutes, which makes Direct Connect an essential asset.
Time is one of the most valuable resources we have. If potential customers don’t hear from you while they have time for you, they will simply move on.

Direct Connect will convert enquiries from everywhere.
It could be from your website, landing pages, live chat, as well as online sources including Facebook, industry aggregates in Real Estate, Car Sales, Legal, Health, and many more.

Whatever sector you’re in, we can help connect your customer to you in minutes.

This is a good time to count the cost of not using Direct Connect.

Packages from as little as $49 per month, plus call credits.

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