Lead Response Audit

Industry Feature: Automotive Dealerships

Note: This is the first release from a series of research projects on lead response times across multiple industries.   Our team has been collecting data on thousands of leads to benchmark how businesses respond to online leads, and we will release the data as the reports are finalised.   Our first release:  Lead response time for the Automotive Industry.

The Direct Connect Lead Response Audit was initially conducted to help validate the need for Direct Connect within the Australian and New Zealand automotive market.

As the results began to come in, we realised that the response rates were not as fast or as consistent as we had expected.   So, we made the decision to invest heavily in expanding the project to over 2000 leads so that we could put together a whitepaper to release to market.

The lead response statistics serve as an education piece to help automotive dealerships to identify the opportunities they have to improve how online leads and enquiries are handled.

There’s no doubt that Direct Connect provides a simple and immediate solution to the problem.  Dealerships now have the ability to respond to online leads within 60 seconds, and also have the ability to have call recordings to help identify coaching opportunities.

Direct Connect is just one tool that’s available to assist dealerships with their lead response times.  Our hope in releasing the study is that the market will seize the opportunity to improve the return on investment that they are already spending for lead generation.

How the survey was conducted:

The data was gathered in a comprehensive study of lead response times for automotive dealerships across Australia and New Zealand.  The study involved submitting over 2000 leads to dealerships and measuring the response rate and response time to leads submitted online.

More than 600 dealerships were included, representing 42 car brands.

Direct Connect submitted three online leads per dealership, this included one lead in the morning (during business hours), another lead in the afternoon (during business hours), and one lead sent after hours.

Leads were submitted on high-value contact forms such as “book a test drive” pages, specific vehicle enquiry pages, as well as through the market leading live chat provider,  Drive Chat.

In addition, online leads were also submitted through several third party aggregate websites to measure how lead handling differs when leads are received from other sources.

What was measured:

The survey tracked phone calls, emails, and SMS responses but the primary interest was in phone responses because we know that actually speaking to potential customers is critical in building a relationship that leads to a sale or test-drive, so our focus was on the lead response time for automotive dealers to pick up the phone and call the lead to offer a test drive or appointment.

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